Thursday, 20 June 2013

its nature its we

Its we, who are responsible for the disasters, not the nature 

Mahatma Gandhi very well quoted :

"There is enough in this world to address EVERYONE's need but not to satisfy ANYONE's desires"

In this beautiful world of god every thing - living and non living exist in sync and have its own right space. As long as every creature is allowed its own share of resources the things go smooth but the moment one creed tend to seize more than what is meant for them the ecological balance starts getting disturbed. In their drive to have more and satisfy the endless desires, human being have created this imbalancing gap where some of the integral part of the ecological cycle have been deprived off of their share of resources and the nature, in its drive to make good the loss suffered by its components is restoring back the system to the situation in which it is supposed to be and we feel as if its a calamity but its nothing but just a system restore to set the thing in the way god wants them to be. A very innovative description  of  god was taught to us which says BHAGWAN means:
BHA: Bhoomi
G: Gagan
W: Wayu
A: Agni
N: Neer

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Next is what?

2005 me schooling, graduated in 2008, rolled out of IMS in 2010, placed @ the office of principal accountant general as an asst. audit officer the same year, SAS the confirmatory exam in 2011, now????
next is what???? don't know till now but surely, will have to figure out soon else i'd fell prey to the most dangerous disease , COMPLACENCY . in the TVC of dish tv srk urges people:-
"please don't be santusht, thoda aur wish karo....."
 today I, wanna wish something new to keep myself evolving and give myself a fresh and worthy goal yo achieve, as it is said that one should always keep moving just like the ever flowing river , because the still water doesn't do any good , but stinks after sometime. the very same is the case with us as well . coming month is going to be very crucial for deciding my fate. god , please shower some wisdom upon me so as to make me able to choose a Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time bound (SMART) goal & achieve it  

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Platonic relationships...

There is a term called as platonic relationship,  it is  a relationship between two persons of the opposite gender and the most important insignia of this relationship is the absence of  any expectations of any physical favour.
          In olden days  (or even today in some places) what girls used to do to avoid any threat of eve teasing from a guy is they tie a thread known as Rakhi around the wrist of that guy. And assure an emotional sheild is being installed between her and the guy.
          Also this relationship exist  without all this exercise, many groups in the organisations like colleges, schools, workplace, etc.... consisting of guys 'n' gals can be seen and most often these people don't expect physical favour from the group mates of opposite gender , although they hang out together, booze, party, go for an outing ,etc.....
           All iz well till all are just interested in spending the quality moments together .But, the moment a guy or a girl fell prey to the peculiar hormonal imbalances  occuring  in the mind,  popularly known as infatuation and speak out his heart , the relationship among the two is under the threat now the ball is in the court of the proposee, he/she is to decide the fate of the relationship, whether just by giving a decent reply like didn't thought about you  that way , OR we are just friend OR you are just like a cousin to me, etc..................
OR to dismantle  all the connections
     Bottom line is:  these relationship are very special one but need to be handled very carefully, coz, if they break , it pains a lot. And if nurtured properly receives the heavenly blessings .

searching words.........

I dont know why I am feeling like being Shaayar, there is a plethora of thoughts coming into my mind.
I, finally decided to pen'em down & below is, what I ended up composing.........

                     agar khanzaron se haaathon ki lakeeren banti
                     to kasam se teri tasweer is haath par bana dete....

                     tu kisi aur ke khayalon me bhi gawara nahi mujhe
                     kisi aur ki bahon me dekhenge to quayamat hogi

                    jo teri aankhon me doob kar ,
                    tere deedar me tamam ho jaye
                    to is zindagi ko mukammal janenge

..........there is no protagonist of these lines. these are mere reflection of  whatever  came across my mind.....

Monday, 20 June 2011

Dil V/s Dimag

woh bhi yahin the, hum bhi yahin the....
par hum  unhe rukhsat kar n sake,
takallufi ki to baat n thi,
zaroori to nahi , haath milaye hi jaayen.............
                    Yesterday, i had a leason and at the end of it I found myself pondering over the fact that why has god placed the brain over 'n' above the heart . I was following my mind over an issue for my entire life till yesterday, but finally i fell prey to my heart. And all the philosophies and chemical imbalances occuring in my psychology, overruled my mind and I got carried away.
                                           With due respect to all the philosophers who give utmost importance to the heart, saying ..........dil to pagal hai........dil hai ki manta nahi.....dil-e-nadan........bla bla bla..........
one should always act in sync with general wisdom and rationality.
          The above lines are my visualisation of the situation I experienced yesterday and which made me write this post . Also, I would like to suggest the readers (if any) that, let the heart do nothing but pump blood to keep you alive & let the thinking & deciding part be assigned to the brain only. life'll be better

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Ticket for may,8th ,booked on may, 7th @ 9:00pm , waiting 188 ,final status CONFIRMED.
THIS  was another reason for us to believe that the law of attraction is working & our affection towards  the orange city is desperately calling us back.
 after the induction training , it was the time for the preparatory training. our entire batch of Direct Recruit Asst. Audit Officers @ AGMP, Gwalior were directed to report @  RTI, Allahabad & our bhopali counterparts were alloted the very loved RTI Nagpur, among the bhopal gus Sandeep & chandan are resident of allahabad & wanted to've training @ Allhabad only , moreover Sandeep's wedding is scheduled in june 2011, so he urged us if we could do something to call him to Allahabad.
   We (i & abhishek ) checked all our options & finally worked out  a way , we directed him to do the needfull & we did our part , on 7th we received the orders to report @ Nagpur we rushed to the rly. stn. & did the reservations. next morning we found ourselves @ the orange city , the gesture of all the  faculties & entire staff @ rti was indeed very good we really felt as if we were back to our second home ... ....
................or a home away from home

Alok tum SANGHARSH karo .............

alok tum sangharsh karo hum tumhare saath hain..........
this was the slogan we AUDIT OFFICERS were repeating @ the peak of our volumes
  the occasion was the wedding of one of our colleague, alok gupta , @ Fatehpur (U.P.). i & abhishek boarded sangam exp. from allahabad to reach the venue. we found the "district" just like u.p. type but few minutes later we found ourselves as the DANCING BAARAATIs.  The arrangements were probably what could've been the best in that sort of place & above all the warm welcome that we received being the colleagues was a good experience indeed. Now it was time for jai mala,  as expected, there were 10 odd rounds of bullets fired in the air to mark the very special occassion & since we didn't had the guns with us we all (audit people)  shouted in high volume
we also had the opportunity to meet our former colleagues & superiors.   then after a great time @ the venue we took a nap before we proceed to catch the return train @ 5:00 AM & just because of the train schedule we witnessed the DAWN & enjoyed the strong fresh air blowing @ the rly. stn., adding thrill  to it the whistle  of  passing by superfast trains